Here at ShowMeCables, we carry thousands of different standard cables from ethernet to fiber to coax and more. While these stock options cover a multitude of different scenarios, sometimes users find themselves in a situation where a more specialized solution is required. Whether that means a cable in an unusual size or something with off-beat connectors, ShowMeCables likely has a solution for you.

To get started with custom cables, click the button that says Shop Custom Cables in the blue bar going across our web page. This is visible on every page of our website and will land users on the Cable Builder itself, which opens with two different options for users in Step 1.

Step 1: Select Cable Builder Tool

For this first step, users will need to select one of two different buttons. The left button is labeled Design Custom Cables & Order Online. This button will lead to Step 2 and onwards, which is what the majority of this article covers. The cable builder viewable in Step 2 covers most common types of cables. If you are looking for a type of cable or connector not

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