XLR lighting cables, or DMX cables, are commonly used on many high-end lighting and stage equipment. Our cables feature high quality rugged XLR connectors and are made using true 110-ohm cable that minimizes signal reflections for accurate data transfer. The cable is made using 24 gauge OFC conductors surrounded by a high-density OFC braided shield for superior EMI and RFI rejection. The cables are available in both a 3 pin and 5 pin, Male to Female orientation. In lengths from 3 FT to 100 FT. XLR cables are most frequently used for audio, but can be used for lighting applications as well. For more information on which XLR cable is right for you, please watch our video here: https://youtu.be/wfwfCPAjrPs XLR cables are a perfect solution for your lighting projects.