It’s about time for school to start again, so here’s a quick guide for first time college students. While it might be tempting to pack up absolutely everything from your bedroom at home, the truth is you don’t need all that stuff. Since dorm rooms are small and you will most likely be sharing the space with a roommate or two, you’re better off not over packing. Here are some of the essentials that you will need, especially on your first night. BEDDING For your first night in the dorms, you’ll want to make sure you have the right bedding. Oftentimes, dorm beds are extra long twin beds. Your university will be able to tell you what size sheets to get before you even move in, so check ahead of time to be sure you have the right size. A comforter and some pillows will complete your set up and give you a comfy spot to get a good night’s rest or to study. TECH Don’t forget about your electronics! You’ll need all the cables and cords to get things up and running. Make sure you have a charging cable for your phone that is long enough to reach up to a tall dorm bed. A surge protector is a must to keep your laptop and printer safe from power surges. If you have your own personal printer, don’t forget to get a printer cable so you can get your essays printed out. Also, a patch cable might be a necessity if your dorm doesn’t have wifi. There’s nothing worse than not having Internet access at school!


Even though the cafeteria has more than enough food for you, chances are there will be times you’ll get hungry when it’s closed. Bring along a mini fridge if your university will let you have one in the dorms. Dishes and utensils are also must-haves for late night snacking. Be sure to grab microwavable dishes for times you need to use the lounge’s microwave.


Dormrooms are notoriously small spaces, so come prepared with storage solutions. Make the most of the space under your bed with tubs and rolling bins. Over the door hooks will come in handy for your coats and backpack. Keep the top of your desk tidy with a great desktop organizer. You can even find desk lamps that have bonus compartments on the base for office supplies. We hope this list of essentials helps you to know what exactly you’ll need for move in day at college. Pare down your carload so that you don’t clutter up your dorm with unnecessary items. These essentials will get you through — at least until you can make a trip to the store for anything you forgot at home!