Video games are one of the most popular past times today, with the video game industry making more money each year than movies and music combined. Avid gamers used to hang onto their old consoles, but that has become less common over the years due to games being re-released and digital downloads giving gamers easy access to their old favorites.

Modern televisions tend to be equipped with an HDMI port and not much else while some TVs still have the older RCA ports. When using a TV with older types of connections, you can typically use a converter to get the console hooked up. Most connections today are streamlined between different pieces of technology, but we are not 100% there yet. Our article here will tell you exactly what cords go with the game console you have.

Gaming consoles have become very streamlined in the last 20 years or so, with the major players today being Nintendo, Sony, and Microsoft. Many other companies have tried to get in on the market as recently as 10 years ago, but most have flopped as the years have gone by. For the sake of this article, we will be focusing on the three industry giants that have consoles on the market today.

PlayStation 4 (Sony)

Sony’s PlayStation 4 is a digital-only (non-analog) console. There are different versions of the PS4: the original model, the Slim, and the Pro. All three accept HDMI for audio/video and the original version and Pro can also use optical cables for audio. For power, the original and Slim PS4 use a non-polarized NEMA 1-15 cord. The PS4 Pro uses a universal power cord. The console also includes two USB ports used to recharge wireless controllers with USB Micro cables. PS4s are built for wireless Internet but can use a wired ethernet connection as well.

Xbox One (Microsoft)

Microsoft’s Xbox One has a few different versions: the standard version, One S, and One X. All three versions use HDMI for audio/video and can also use optical audio. For power, the original Xbox One uses a unique power supply. The One S and One X both use standard NEMA 1-15 cords. Xbox One controllers are recharged with Micro USB connections. There are also hardline ports so wired ethernet can be used over the console’s built-in WiFi connections.

Nintendo Switch

The most recent console added to the market is the Nintendo Switch, a portable console with a built-in screen. The Switch serves as a replacement for Nintendo’s older handheld console, the Nintendo 3DS, while also connecting to TVs as a successor to the Wii U. By using a dock, the Switch can be connected to a TV through an HDMI port. Switch docks are powered by a USB-C connection that also recharges the Switch itself. The dock also has spots for USB cables; Switch controllers use a USB-C cord for charging. Unlike the other two consoles, most of the connection ports for the Switch are on an accessory (the dock) instead of the console itself.