This is the Unicam SC 9/125 Singlemode Fiber Connector This Singlemode Fiber Connector makes field terminating fiber fast and easy. Using the high performance Unicam tool kit, connections can be made in as little as 45 seconds. The epoxy-free termination can be done on almost any jobsite. Unicam’s precise manufacturing process, ensures a best-in-class optical performance with low insertion loss around .1 dB and .5 maximum dB per connector. The ceramic ferrules are chip and crack resistant, providing a smoother finish than polymer ferrules. Each connector comes with connector housing, snap on clip, copper crimp ring nd strain relief boots for 900 micron, 2.0/1.6 and 2.9mm fiber. The Unicam SC 9/125 Singlemode Fiber Connector is the perfect solution for all your cabling projects. For more information on our products please contact our customer service department at 888 518 9505 For all your cable and connecter needs choose Show Me Cables.