XLR cables are a key component for a variety of professional applications because they can provide excellent signal strength. They are typically used for either audio or lighting applications and there are some slight differences between the two styles. XLR cables used for audio are commonly a three-pin orientation and are designed for low frequencies associated with audio signals. They are a 75-ohm low impedance high capacitance cable. They are most frequently used with microphones, amplifiers, instruments, and speakers. XLR cables used for lighting, also called DMX cable, is designed for 110-ohm high impedance, low capacitance and uses either 3 pin or 5 pin orientation. They are most frequently used with high end lighting and stage equipment. Because of the difference in impedance, you should not use an audio XLR cable as a DMX cable or vice versa. Both the standard XLR and DMX cables can offer superior signal integrity depending on the application needed for your project. For more information on our products, please contact our customer service department at 888-519-9505.