The modern mobile phone is a pocket-sized electronic more powerful than the machines used to put astronauts on the moon. Among their many other features, these compact computers are great for streaming music, movies, and TV shows. But sometimes you want to put those streaming services on the big screen. Exactly how you can go about doing that will depend on what type of phone you have.

*Note: These tips also work for other handheld devices like tablets.


Any television from the last 10 years likely has HDMI ports you can use to connect your phone. Most phones out there are built with a Micro USB port, which can be used with a Micro USB to HDMI adapter. In a nutshell, this adapter will take the Micro USB port and change it into an HDMI port. You will also need a regular HDMI cable to go with it if you do not already have a spare lying around somewhere.

Micro USB to HDMI adapters are typically rated for MHL (Mobile High-Definition Link), a specific type of HDMI designed to work with smartphones, tablets, and similar devices. For an MHL adapter to work, your device must be MHL compatible. A full list of MHL compatible devices can be seen here.

Newer phones may not have a Micro USB port. Instead, they might use an updated version called USB-C, which is starting to see implementation on the latest Android phones and uses a different adapter. These work the same way as Micro USB adapters; the size and shape of USB-C are just a little different than Micro USB.

If you have an older TV that does not have HDMI, it is probably sporting RCA ports. While it is trickier to hook a smartphone up to a TV like that, it is not impossible. For starters, you will need one of the two converters mentioned above. Then you will need an HDMI to RCA converter. An RCA cable will complete the set-up by connecting the RCA converter to the TV.


iPhones use Lightning connectors instead of Micro USB or USB-C. Lightning connections basically work the same way but are proprietary to Apple. Because of those proprietary rights, users will need an official adapter made by Apple. Third-party companies are generally not allowed to make equivalents to this adapter. Buying directly from the source is likely going to be your one-and-only option here.


Most TVs on the market today are Smart TVs with built-in Bluetooth. This can make connecting to the TV wirelessly the obvious solution for streaming on the big screen. However, a wireless connection is rarely as good as a hardline. That is not to say it will not work, but you are more likely to get choppy video quality or have to wait for a movie or show to buffer while you are in the middle of watching it. If you own a TV without Bluetooth connectivity, you can add it with an adapter. Some Bluetooth adapters are audio-only, not audio/video, so check the specifications before picking one out if you choose to go that route.

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