The effort to slim down isn’t always just a fitness goal. It can also be geared towards slimming down your home office and personal space. Getting rid of thick and unruly cables can help add both workspace and headspace to a create a more productive environment. Let’s run through some common networking and entertainment cables that have taken their “slim down challenge” to heart.

Ultra Slim HDMI Cables

These HDMI cables are made using 32AWG conductors, roughly 75 percent smaller than a standard HDMI cable. This makes them much easier to bend and maneuver behind tight spaces, small openings, and odd corners. They’re also great as a compact cable solution for on-the-go video playback for cameras and cell phones.


Slim 3.5mm Audio Cables

The most important part of these cables is the slimmed down 3.5mm molded connection itself. It’s slim enough to plug into 3.5mm jacks on smartphones and tablets without having to remove the protective case around these devices. This is a huge advantage when wanting to keep your expensive tablet or smartphone safe and secure in the case without having to remove it to connect to headphones or speakers.


Slim Cat6/Cat6a Patch Cables

Installers and IT teams use these cables to help reduce space, improve airflow, and provide easier management of cables in congested data centers. They can also be a great addition throughout the home or small business, as their 3.5mm OD increases flexibility and even provides a clear line of sight to see which ports they’re connected to.


If your home office or entertainment center could use a shape up, consider swapping out some of the bulkier A/V and networking cables with these slimmed down options to help free up space and make for a more manageable home set up.


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