Do you need to install or repair your ethernet data cable? Our shielded RJ45 connector for Cat6a and Cat7 will provide a high quality, reliable connection for your data needs. For this installation you will need: Cat6a or Cat7 cable, a strip tool, scissors, the shielded connector, and a crimp tool. Please be aware that our shielded connectors for Cat6a or Cat7 require a specialty crimper and are not recommended to be used with a standard Cat5e or Cat6 crimp tool. Start by using the cable stripper to score the outside jacket. You will only need to rotate a few times as you do not want to damage the connectors inside the jacket. Pull off the outer jacket to reveal the overall shield. Remove the shield from around the conductors and fold back the drain wire. For Cat7 cable, there is an additional shield surrounding each pair. If you are installing a Cat7 cable, remove the shield from each pair as well. There is a small plastic covering holding the pairs in place, this can also be removed and discarded. Separate the pairs and cut off the spline at the base. Untwist the pairs and insert into the guide. We will be using the standard T568B wiring pinout. Then, insert the guide into the connector housing, making sure that it makes full connection at the tip of the housing. Coil the drain wire near the base of the connector to make your ground connection. Insert the connector into the front-loaded crimp connector and firmly squeeze to make termination. Finally, insert the cable into the side-opening to squeeze the strain relief onto the cable. Congratulations, you have successfully installed the shielded RJ45 connector for Cat6a and Cat7. For all of your cable and connector needs, choose Show Me Cables.