Have you ever wanted to play video from your older systems such as a DVD player or cable box, but your TV only has HDMI ports? If you’ve recently purchased a new TV, you may have noticed that HDMI has now become the standard. But if you have not yet upgraded the rest of your equipment, this can create quite a problem. Our S-video and RCA to HDMI converter will allow you to save your old technology. You will simply take either S-video or RCA cables and connect from your equipment into the converter. Then you will use an HDMI cable to connect from the converter to the TV. The converter will scale up your signal to either 720 or 1080p depending on the picture quality of your TV. You can change this setting on the back of the converter. You can even have both an RCA and S-video connection hooked up at the same time and change between inputs using the switch on the back. Our RCA and S Video to HDMI converter will now allow you to use your older equipment with an HDMI display. For all of your home theater needs, choose Show Me Cables.