We have all known the frustration of being in a room that does not have enough electrical outlets. You have to either find a long extension cord to run outside the room or hunt down a power strip or an adapter plug that splits one receptacle in the outlet to two or more.

The problem is, plugging multiple devices into one outlet using a splitter adapter you bought at a hardware store might overload the outlet. You might trip a circuit breaker, damage your electrical equipment, or even cause a fire. Overloaded circuits and outlets cause more than 5,000 fires annually, says the Consumer Product Safety Commission.

Power Splitter Cords to the Rescue

A smarter alternative – certainly cheaper than installing more outlets − is to buy some power splitter cords. A power splitter has one male end for plugging into an outlet and enough female ends to power either two or three components. They allow you to fully utilize rooms that don’t have enough outlets, as well as declutter rooms that already have a lot of cables and cords. Also, the male end is a regular three-prong size, smaller than a space-hogging power adapter.

Power splitter cables are perfect for use with most types of 125-volt and 250-volt devices, such as computers, printers, scanners, monitors, TVs and audiovisual equipment, and server rack devices such as network switches and routers.

Power Splitter Cords Made for Your Equipment

SMC offers more than a dozen different types of splitter power cords. You can be assured they are safe because each is UL-certified and designed with specifications to match the component it powers, including:

Most of our splitter power cables and standard computer power cables are in-stock and available for same-day shipping. If you need guidance on what cord is best for your appliance or have any other questions, we would love to hear from you at 1-855-958-3212.