The Neat Patch is a new tool for rack mounted horizontal cable management. It’s innovative approach will save you time and money and will make your installs look professional with very little effort. Most horizontal cable managers amount to little more than finger duct. These allow you to route cables along the front or rear of your rack, but fail to take advantage of the interior rack space, which can leave you with dangling cables if you don’t have exact lengths. Excess cable can waste time and money. And will make your rack installs look messy. The Neat Patch is designed to be used with almost any length of cable. Excess cabling can be stored in the ventilated storage compartment. And only what you need remains visible. 1 foot patch cables are often too short to connect, especially across a 19 inch wide rack. And longer cables will dangle. The Neat Patch combines traditional cable management and storage space with the use of 2 foot patch cables. Which allows you enough length to patch across the width of your rack while maintaining proper bend radius and minimizing cable costs. The Neat Patch occupies two rack units and can be placed between 24 or 48 port patch panels or switches. Install onto your rack as you would any 2 unit panel. Your 2 foot cable should be looped and connected to your desired ports with the lines running through your duct and the excess stored in the organizer. The Neat Patch can neatly organize up to 48 patches. We also offer kits, which include 24 or 48 2 foot Cat6 cables. The unit comes in black and we offer 10 different colors of cable. Now let’s take a look at how the Neat Patch is constructed. The Neat Patch enclosure is constructed of hard, nonconducting molded plastic with fixed finger duct for routing your cables. And a sliding front cover for easy access. The spacious, vented compartment also features 4 rear entry grommets which pop out to better suit your needs.