Are you looking for a quick and easy installation or repair for your coax cable? Our N Female Crimp Connector for RG58 & LMR195 is an easy to use, 3-piece design for terminating your cable. The 3 piece connector consists of the connector housing, a ferrule, and the female pin. For this installation you will need: RG58 or LMR195 coax cable, a strip tool, a crimp tool, and the crimp connector. First, slide the ferrule onto the outside jacket. Then strip back the jacket and dielectric using the strip tool. The advantage of using a coax stripper is that it will strip back the jacket and dielectric at the same time. In general, the jacket should be stripped about ½ an inch and dielectric down to ¼ of an inch. Pull back the braided shield and insert the pin onto the center conductor. Crimp the female pin using the crimp tool. Many connectors will have a small well to allow for soldering. It is not necessary for installation, but is recommended when possible, for optimal signal strength. Place the connector onto the cable and pull the ferrule up to the base of the connector, folding the shield with it. Then, use the crimp tool to terminate the ferrule onto the jacket. For all of your cable and connector needs, choose Show Me Cables