Do you need a crisp video signal for connecting your computer to your monitor? Our Mini DisplayPort to DisplayPort cable will allow you to send a high quality digital signal for optimal performance. The cables are made using 30 gauge conductors, gold plated connectors, and are fully shielded for maximum signal strength. The cables are certified for DisplayPort 1.1 standards and can support 8.64GB signal transmission. The DisplayPort connector resembles that of an HDMI connector, which can cause some confusion. A DisplayPort connector will have one side slightly squared off, where an HDMI connector will have both sides rounded. A Mini DisplayPort connection can also be referred to as a Thunderbolt connection, frequently found on many Apple computers and laptops. The difference being that Thunderbolt is used to transfer data, much like that of a USB port, but can often double as a video output as well. The Mini DisplayPort to DisplayPort cables are great for sending your video signal between devices and is a simple plug and play solution. For all of your cable and accessories, choose Show Me Cables