If you’ve spent any time on the Internet in the last year, chances are you seen some great examples for how to organize long cables. Today, the ShowMeCables blog is bringing you a DIY for creating a similar effect in your own storage closet.

Step 1. Choose Your Model

This is, arguably, the hardest step of the process as there are many different routes to take. Just the word “dreadlocks” conjures up images of the well-loved Rastafarian Bob Marley, the godfather of dreads himself. Wiz Khalifa, the lead singers of Korn and Whoopie Goldberg also sport the famous hairstyle with 

effortlessness. For the adventurers out there, Captain Jack Sparrow and Michonne from the Walking Dead each sport their dreads with fantastic accessories. Then there’s always Bradley Cooper’s character from the movie Hit and Run if you’re into more obscure references. This is also a fantastic opportunity to see how you or a co-worker would look with dreads. In that case, take a selfie or do some Facebook stalking to get the pictures that you’ll need.







Step 2. Print and Cut

Once you’ve come to a decision on your model, go find a large image that has a clear view of the face. Print your picture, then grab your trusty scissors. Cut around the face ever so carefully, removing the neck, hair and whatever else is in the picture. If your model rocks a headband or hat, cut that out too and save it for the next step.



Step 3. Prepare Your Canvas

Clear out some space in a storage closet or wherever your cables live. Go ahead and tape up your cut out where you’re planning on hanging your cables. Then, center a nail or a screw at the top of the head. This will hold your cables, so get one that is long enough to hold a bunch.

Step 4. Hang Up Your Cables

This last step is simple, but it is truly the most satisfying. Drape your cables over the nail or screw. Adjust them so that they are evenly distributed. You don’t want your model to have a lopsided hair-do, obviously. Once the cables are in place, you can add any accessories that are needed to really pull everything together.

Step 5. Admire Your Work

Wow– you did it! Pat yourself on the back. Give yourself a high five. Go get an ice cream cone. You deserve it! Now, take a few pics of your new setup and share it so that everyone sees your cleverness. Use #dreadhead so we can see too!














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