Have you recently purchased a new TV and need a way to mount it? Our Ecore line of TV brackets will be the perfect solution for your home theater needs. The Ultra Slim TV Wall Mount can accommodate 32-65 inch TV's up to 110 pounds. Included with the bracket is all the hardware you need to install the TV wall mount bracket. The tools needed for this installation are: a drill with a quarter inch bit, a stud finder, a pencil, a screwdriver, and a half inch socket with a drill attachment or a wrench. Locate the mounting points on the back of your TV. The bracket includes a set of universal screws that should fit most standard TV's and monitors. Lay the mounting arm onto the back of the TV, lining up the mounting holes. Then, begin to install the arms, using the screwdriver. Repeat this process for the other mounting arm. Using a stud finder, locate a stud to install the mounting bracket and mark the stud using your pencil. Then find the next nearest stud and mark that position as well. Drill the first pilot hole and position the plate on the wall. Then install the first mounting screw. Using a level find the proper position for the secondary mounting screw and mark with a pencil. Drill another pilot hole and install the second mounting screw. Drill the remaining pilot holes and install the final mounting screws. Now you are ready to mount the TV. Mount the TV onto the wall, making sure that the hooks of the arm securely grab the mounting plate. The mounting arms feature release tabs for easy disconnect if the TV needs to be moved. Congratulations, you have successfully installed the Ultra Slim TV Wall Mount Bracket.