For direct access to this product please click this link. HDMI to Composite Video Converter allows you to display the media content from HDMI-only digital devices such as Blu-Ray players, gaming consoles, etc. to analog display devices such as older televisions and monitors. This device also has the ability to switch from NTSC or PAL formats. The output is to Composite Video so you can plug it into various analog display equipment and setups. Features Convert an HDMI signal to PAL/NTSC video signal output by video processing Bypass output HDMI high definition signal loss Automatic HDCP detection and bypasses HDCP key Converts the HDMI digital audio into analog stereo by the DAC processing Most advanced video processing technique to enhance process of brightness, contrast, color of the image High quality scaling technology for progressive input resolutions Don't Forget the Cables! HDMI Cables Triple RCA Cables