This is the HDMI to RCA Composite Video and Audio Converter. It features a DC jack and female HDMI port on one side. And composite RCA jacks, a PAL/NTSC switch, and zoom button on the other side. The reason you will need a converter is because HDMI is a digital signal and composite RCA is an analog signal. The converter will allow you to send a signal from an HDMI source, like a blu ray player or gaming system, and show it on a TV with RCA connections. The PAL/NTSC switch will allow you to use the converter in both the US and internationally. The zoom button allows you to scale up your image slightly if the conversion does not fully match your TV size. The converter is perfect for saving your older TVs to use with your newer equipment and is a quick and easy solution for your home theater. Be aware: The converter is not bidirectional and will only work from HDMI to Composite RCA, not from RCA to HDMI. For all your cable and connector needs, choose Show Me Cables.