This is the Gold Binding Post/Banana Jack Panel Mount Connector in Black The connector is made with sturdy, gold plated brass and has a black band to make it easy to identify your speaker connections. It can accept speaker wire between 12 and 18 gauge and can be easily mounted into a wall plate or panel. Start by unscrewing the pieces of the connector. Insert the connector between your faceplate or panel. Then hand tighten the nut on the other side and finish using a wrench. Now screw the head back into place. The binding post can be used with either bare cable by inserting the speaker wire in the small opening beneath the head and then screwing it back down. Or if you have banana plugs already installed on your speaker wire, you can simply plug them into the post. The Gold Binding Post/Banana Jack Panel Mount connector will simplify your home theater setup and provide crisp audio fidelity.