What is Ethernet?

Ethernet is a network cable used to connect computers, printers, modems, routers, and other electronics to the Internet. Other names for Ethernet include Cat5e cable, Cat6 cable, Cat7 cable, and RJ45 cable.

What does Ethernet Look Like?

Ethernet looks similar to a telephone cord, but with a larger plastic connector on the end. Inside the connector are 8 wires, each a different color to tell them apart easily.

How does Ethernet Work?

Electrical signals are sent down the wires inside the Ethernet cable. If the electricity is on, it translates to “1”. If it is off, it translates to “0”. These 1’s and 0’s are read by computers and other machines as binary code.

How Long can an Ethernet Cable be?

The maximum length of a single Ethernet cable is 328 feet (100 meters).

How do you Connect Ethernet Cables?

Simply plug the Ethernet cable into an Ethernet port and it will be ready to go. All Ethernet cables are made with locking tabs that keep them in place once they are plugged in unless someone presses down on the tab to remove them.

Are all Ethernet Cables the Same?

No, there are different categories of Ethernet cables. The current standard is Cat5e, although newer and faster versions of Ethernet are also available. There are also special Ethernet cables designed for extreme environments, such as outdoor and industrial use.

How do you Make Ethernet Cable?

With a cut of cable, RJ45 connectors, and the proper tools, anyone can assemble their own Ethernet cable. The guide here shows the process for doing so.

Can you Split an Ethernet Cable?

Yes and no. While Ethernet splitters do exist, they do not actually split the signal despite the name. Instead, a network switch is used to send a signal from one Ethernet source to multiple devices.

What does an Ethernet Switch do?

An Ethernet switch allows a single Ethernet cable to be swapped back and forth between two devices, such as a printer and computer, without needing to unplug anything.

Can you Plug a Phone Line into an Ethernet Port?

No. Phone lines use RJ11/RJ12 connectors, which look similar to but are smaller than the RJ45 connectors used by Ethernet ports.

What is Power over Ethernet (PoE)?

Power over Ethernet (abbreviated PoE) is an Ethernet cable that can work as the power cable for smaller electronics like security cameras. Today, most Ethernet cables are built PoE-ready by default.

What is the Difference Between Internet and Ethernet?

The Internet is the software that a computer uses to access websites for shopping, social media, video streaming, and more. Ethernet refers to the cables (the hardware) used to physically connect a computer, modem, or other electronics to the Internet signals provided by an Internet Service Provider (ISP).