The Ecore DuroRacks Hinged Wall Mount Bracket is available in sizes between 1-6 RU. For this example we will be installing the 1RU bracket, but the installation instructions will apply to all sizes of the wall mount brackets. For this installation you will need: a drill with a 5/16ths drill bit, a philips screwdriver, a hammer, a level, and a pencil. the first step is to make sure your bracket is level. Then mark with a pencil where the holes need to be drilled. Drill out the holes and hammer in the provided wall anchors. Insert the screws and washers into the anchors and hand tighten. Finish installation by using your screwdriver. To install your rack equipment, simply screw onto the front of the bracket using standard rack screws. The bracket is designed with a hinge for easy access to your equipment. These are perfect for any home, office, or data center installations where space is limited and can mount to the wall in a matter of moments. Save time, space, and money by using the Ecore DuroRacks Hinged Wall Mount Brackets. For all of your data and networking needs, choose Show Me Cables.