Have you ever wanted to connect from your computer to an older projector or monitor? With our DVI to VGA converter, you can send your DVI video signal to your older equipment in a matter of moments. DVI is a high definition digital signal found on many computers and laptops, however, VGA, which is still commonly found on many monitors and projectors, is an analog signal and you will need to use a converter to connect between them. Simply connect the converter directly into the DVI port of your device. Then use a VGA cable to connect from the converter to your display. The converter requires no additional drivers or software and is a simple plug and play solution. Most devices will not require additional power, however, if there are problems receiving a video signal, you can connect the included Micro USB cable from the converter to your computer to supply power. Be aware, the converter is not bi-directional and will only work from connecting a DVI source to a VGA display. Both DVI and VGA are video only signals and you will need to run your audio separately if it is needed. If you need a quick and easy solution for connecting your displays, our DVI to VGA converter will provide you with everything you will need. For all of your converter and adapter needs, choose Show Me Cables