Do you need a crisp audio/video signal for connecting your computer to your monitor? Our DisplayPort to DisplayPort cable will allow you to send a high quality digital signal for optimal performance. DisplayPort has a similar form factor to HDMI which make it great for routing cable, but has caused some confusion. A DisplayPort connector will have one side slightly squared off, where an HDMI connector will have both sides rounded. DisplayPort cables were originally designed for computers, laptops, projectors and displays. However they are being incorporated into some high end TVs. Our DisplayPort cables are made using 28 gauge conductors, nickel plated connectors, and are fully shielded for maximum signal strength. The cables are certified for DisplayPort 1.2 standards and can support 10.8GB signal transmission and resolution up to 3,840 x 2,160. The cables are also capable of sending up to 8 channel audio, offering a simple solution for video and audio, inside of a single cable. DisplayPort cables are great for sending your A/V signal between devices and is a simple plug and play solution. For all of your cable and accessories, choose Show Me Cables