For over twenty years, ShowMeCables has been designing, prototyping and manufacturing custom cables. With manufacturing facilities in the United States and Asia, we have the capabilities to manufacture at any volume. No matter the type, size or budget, we can help!

Any Size
We handle any size project, small to large. Our in-house prototyping can build a single cable for your project. Our international factory can turn that single cable into a full OEM production line.
Any Challenge
No matter what type of cable you need, we can help.  We specialize in custom network, fiber, coax, telephone, telco, audio/video, and serial cables.  We also provide custom kits, bundles and cable sleeving.


    • Custom Manufacturing
    • In-House Prototyping
    • Custom Imprinting
    • Cables Tested
    • Quality Check
    • Custom Packaging
    • Just In Time Delivery
    • Free Blind Drop Shipping
    • Highly Skilled Sales Staff
    • Expert Technical Support
Any Budget
With flexible manufacturing options, we can make custom affordable. Let our team of experts provide consultation and cost saving solutions, including internationally manufactured options.


Any Timeframe
We specialize in quick turnaround custom projects. When you’re in a jam and need cables quickly, only we can help. Or, if you have a longer time frame for your custom project, our international manufacturing can save you money.

Custom Network Cables

Our custom Cat5e, Cat6, Cat6a & Cat7 cables can be made to your exact specifications. Typical requests we handle include customized lengths, colors, pinouts, jacket types (PVC or Plenum network cables), and boots. No matter your application, our customized network cables will get the job done.

Custom Fiber Optic Cable Assembly

Custom fiber cables are one of our most highly requested types of cables. We build everything from custom fiber jumpers to kilometers of multi strand fiber. When you design a custom cable with ShowMeCables, you have full say over the strands, connector, jacket, fiber diameter and more. Whatever you need, we can help.

Custom Coaxial Cables

If you are working with low-loss LMR type cable or more standard RG type of cables, our custom coax cables are built to your exact needs. We typically work with 7/16 DIN, BNC, F, FME, NMO, N, PAL, QMA, SMA, SMB, TNC, TS-9, UHF and min-UHF, but we can manufacturer using any connector or cable type.

Custom Telephone & Telco Cables

Custom telephone and telco cables can be configured to exact lengths, pinouts, connector and jacket types including PVC or plenum (CMP).

Custom Audio/Video Cables

We create custom digital or analog audio/video cables including HDMI, VGA, S-video, RCA, BNC, F and more. We make both PVC and plenum (CMP) cables to meet all electrical regulations.

Custom Serial Cables

Custom serial cables from ShowMeCables can be made with DB9, DB15, DB25, HD15 and RJ45 in PVC or CMP jackets. Mod adapters can be pre-wired for custom pinouts and shipped ready to be used in the field. Choose your connector type and pinout, and we will build the adapter that suits your needs.

Custom Kitting, Bundling & Sleeving

Our custom kitting & bundling services allow multiple cables to be combined for a single end-user application. Kits can be created from standard or customized materials. Bundles are multiple cables under the same jacket or sleeve.