iStock-1339660884.jpgWhether you’re mining coal, copper or cryptocurrency, one thing is true: To be successful, you need the right equipment.

Crypto mining for digital currency has exploded in popularity in recent years. It started in 2009 with the first decentralized cryptocurrency, Bitcoin. As of 2022, the marketplace offers more than 9,000 cryptocurrencies, with the top two alone having over $791 billion of coins in circulation, according to CoinMarketCap. Mining all that crypto profitably requires a computer rig with a core processing unit (CPU), graphics processing units (GPUs), a motherboard and other elements.

Crypto Mining Rigs Need Cables

Regardless of a rig’s size, it needs cables to power and to connect the devices. Below we describe the main types of antennas and cables you will need to outfit a crypto mining rig:

Helium Miner Antenna Upgrade Kits

One popular way to obtain cryptocurrency is by mining helium coins, called HNT, using a helium hotspot that uses RF radio signals. Our helium miner antenna upgrade kits were designed for the serious helium HNT miner. Created for the 900 MHz ISM band, they equip your LongFi radio to get the most out of a helium hotspot, with better range and proof of coverage than OEM components. The kits offer high gain and efficiency, low-loss cables, and optional lightning arrestors. Gain options of 3 to 9 dBi allow you to grow your network and improve signal integrity for enhanced mining, IoT, LoRa and remote sensor connectivity.

Cat5e Cable Assemblies

Cat5e cables are a cost-effective solution for wiring a crypto mining rig. Cat6 cables are also used, but Cat5e is perfectly sufficient for the bandwidth requirements of obtaining cryptocurrency. ShowMeCables has a vast selection of Cat5e Ethernet cable assemblies, in lengths from 6 inches to 200 feet and with numerous jacket materials, boot styles, pinouts and colors.

THHN Tray Cables

Crypto mining rigs are power-hungry and generate a lot of heat, so it is no surprise that THHN tray cable is so popular with mining enthusiasts − THHN stands for thermoplastic high heat-resistant nylon-coated. Miners commonly use THHN to connect a power supply unit (PSU) with a circuit, though it has other applications. ShowMeCables offers 1,000-foot bulk rolls of THHN tray cable, which resists heat up to 167 degrees F.


3-conductor EPR Cables

Three-conductor EPR is another cable used often in cryptocurrency mining. Employed as portable power cables, EPR (ethylene propylene rubber) cable is favored for its ability to handle high voltage and high temperatures, and for its flexibility. We carry a wide selection of EPR cable in the types used most often in crypto mining: 600-volt (SOOW) and 300-volt (SJOOW). The insulation is made of EPR and the jacket is CPE Thermoset, able to withstand up to 194 degrees F.

Splitter Power Cords

Splitter power cords give you a space-saving way to connect one power source to two devices or one power source to one device that has two power ports. For instance, some popular Bitcoin mining devices made by Bitmain Antminer have two power ports. One of our most popular splitter power cords used in crypto mining is a 15-amp cord with a male C20 connector feeding two female C13s.

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