What Does “Coax” Mean?

“Coax” is shorthand for coaxial cable.

What is Coax Cable?

Coax cables send and receive audio/video/data transmissions via electrical signals. They are most commonly used for television and Internet applications within the telecom/datacom industry. 

What Does “RG” Stand For?

“RG” stands for Radio Guide, the most common type of coax cable. RG cables were originally developed for military use during WWII.

What Coax Cable is Used for TV?

Televisions typically use RG6 for short runs and RG11 for long runs. RG59 is sometimes used instead of RG6 when extra flexibility is needed. Likewise, RG8 can be used instead of RG11 for extra signal strength.

What Coax Cable is Used for Internet?

The same coax types used for TV cable can be used for the Internet.

Are all Coax Cables the Same?

Coax cables are made with different thickness, measured in American Wire Gauge (AWG) in the US. Thicker coax cables have stronger signals but are less flexible, and vice versa.

Which Coax Cable is Better?

No coax cable is overall the best. If you need a strong signal, use a thicker cable. If you need a more flexible cable, thinner coax works better.

How Can I Tell Coax Cables Apart?

Most manufacturers put writing on the outside of the cable. This writing should list some basic cable specs, including the type of the cable. For the different types of coax connectors, click here.

How do I Attach a Coax Connector?

A simple crimp tool can be used to attach a connector, provided it is a crimp connector. Compression connectors will need a compression tool instead. Solder connectors will need soldering equipment. Twist-on connectors do not require any special tools.

How do I Strip Coax Cable?

A coax stripper can easily remove a coax cable jacket. There are different strippers available for different sizes of coax cables.

How do I Test a Coax Cable?

Most coax testers are made to test coax using F-type connectors. An adapter can be used to convert other types of coax connectors to F-type for testing.

Can Coax Convert to HDMI?

Yes and no. The term “coax” usually refers to a single F-type coax cable, which cannot convert directly to HDMI. This is because F-type coax sends signals through a single metal line while HDMI uses eight separate, smaller wires. However, RCA cables (a sub-type of coax) can be converted to HDMI.

What is Digital Coax Cable?

Digital coax is a special type of RCA cable that supports digital audio instead of analog. It is unrelated to television/Internet coax.