Last week Google announced two new devices in the Chromecast family; the Chromecast audio, for streaming audio to speakers, and a new version of their Chromecast streaming media player. We are excited about these two new products as we regularly use the original Chromecast in our office as an inexpensive digital signage solution. Since we are professed cable nerds, lets break down the cables you will need for each Chromecast.

Chromecast Audio Cables

The Chromecast ships with a standard 3.5mm male to male cable, like this:

If your audio system doesn’t use 3.5mm, you can adapt the 3.5mm out to RCA using a cable. If analog audio is not your thing, the Chromecast also supplies a digital send which requires a Toslink cable. However, not just any Toslink cable will work with the Chromecast Audio player. You will need to use a mini-Toslink to standard Toslink cable. The mini-Toslink is 3.5mm so it will fit in the same port on the Chromecast.

Essential Replacement Chromecast Audio Cables

Here are the cables you will need.
Micro USB – for powering the Chromecast
3.5mm male to male – for sending audio
3.5mm male to RCA male – for sending audio
Mini-Toslink male to Toslink male – for sending digital audio
Toslink to digital coax converter – if your sound system has digital coax this converter will make sure the Chromecast works with it.

The New Chromecast

The new version of the Chromecast seems to be a minor upgrade from the existing Chromecast. The main selling feature is the new Wifi which connects to 802.11ac and 5Ghz channel and has three antennas instead of the original single antenna. As for connecting the Chromecast, it still uses HDMI and Micro USB for power. If you need a low profile power cable our unique right angle micro USB cable will power the Chromecast. Follow the link below for more info.

Chromecast Cables

Micro USB – for powering the Chromecast
Right angle Chromecast cable
Chromecast port saver HDMI cable – if you are worried about damaging the original HDMI cable, this port saver will relieve the strain.