Choosing the Right WiFi Antenna


To identify the right antenna for your WiFi application it is important to note the differences in omnidirectional and directional antennas. Either the signal is radiating out in every direction, which is called omnidirectional, or there is a reflective surface to focus the signal in a specific direction, which is called directional.

Depending on your primary application there are ceiling, panel, Log Periodic/Yagi, fixed omni, and rubber duck antennas. These antennas operate at different frequencies and gains depending on whether they are radiating signals in omnidirectional or directional reach.


Here are some applicable network scenarios where these antennas would be put into use:


To connect two buildings:

To connect two buildings on the same WiFi network, you will need a directional antenna to create a point-to-point wireless link. A Yagi or Parabolic Grid antenna would be mounted to the top of each building and point at each other inline. It is important that there is a clear line of sight between these two directional antennas. For instance, trees and other buildings/structures will impede the signals sent and received from these antennas.

To add WiFi inside of an office building:

An omnidirectional ceiling mount antenna, providing 360-degree coverage, is ideal for connectivity inside of meeting rooms, offices, and open floor plan work stations. The gain emitted from an omnidirectional antenna is sent on both a horizontal and vertical plane, which is great for connecting smartphones, laptops, printers, and tablets in an office environment.

To add connectivity inside of a warehouse:

A high gain ceiling-mounted omnidirectional antenna is the perfect solution to deliver connectivity to bar code readers, tablets, and laptops in large warehouse areas. Depending on the size of the warehouse, a gain of 3 dBi to 5 dBi would give off ample signal strength when mounted to a higher ceiling in a warehouse space.

For better coverage in the home:

For the best connectivity in the home, it is important to place an omnidirectional antenna in a centrally located part of the house, away from metal objects and walls. Common home WiFi networks are receiving signals from a rubber duck antenna mounted on a router or access point close to a wall. With a ceiling mounted omnidirectional placed in the middle of a room, you will receive a better signal to home computers, laptops, tablets, and smartphones.

To install WiFi in an outdoor campus for school or business:

A mix of directional and omnidirectional antennas mounted to the top of area buildings will create a point to multipoint network. Surrounding buildings, like lecture halls or satellite offices, would have a directional Yagi or Parabolic Grid antenna mounted to the roof. These would all point toward the main building which would have a high gain omnidirectional antenna mounted. Clears lines of sight from each surrounding building to the main omnidirectional antenna and accurate antenna alignment are paramount for a good signal.


To provide WiFi access in an outdoor seating area for a restaurant or business:

An omnidirectional antenna mounted close to the center of the desired coverage area will provide the best signal for employees and customers. A lower gain antenna will provide better vertical signal close to the ground, where customers are using their devices. If you install an omnidirectional antenna with a high gain, then areas further out from the restaurant or business will end up receiving the best signal. A low gain is necessary to give off good local coverage.


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