P#85-700-150 BK This is the Cat7 Shielded Solid Outdoor PVC Cable. Experience the next generation of networking with Cat7 bulk cable from ShowMeCables. This cable enables 10-Gigabit data transmission over a 4-connector twisted-pair copper cable, allowing connection distances of up to 100 meters. This cable is rated for outdoor use, it also proposes a new measurement for Power-Sum Alien Crosstalk to 750 MHz. Alien Crosstalk is a coupled signal in a disturbed pair arising from a signal in a neighboring cable. This CM rated, UV resistant cable features a protective PVC jacket, Overall tin-copper braided shield, as well as foil shielded twisted pairs for maximum EMI rejection, and solid 23 AWG copper conductors. The Cat7 Shielded Solid Outdoor PVC Cable is the best solution for your next networking project. For more information on our products please contact our customer service department at 888 518 9505