Cat6a Slim Patch Cable (Product Review)

What is a Cat6a Slim Patch Cable?

A Cat6a slim patch cable is an ethernet cable, which is used with wired networks and connect devices like computers, routers and switches with a local network. Patch cables normally travel short distances (a maximum of 100 meter or 330 feet), and can be used to wire offices and server closets. This cable provides a reliable, high-speed data connection to your home or office network, and is good to keep on hand!

What Makes a Slim Cat6a Patch Cable Special?

Here are a few differences between the Cat6a slim patch cable and the Cat6 patch cable.

It is 40% thinner than its predecessor. This allows for more airflow as well as more flexibility within the cable itself. What this means for you is a tighter turn radius and less congestion, and the ability to do more in smaller spaces.

Better blocking of electromagnetic interference (EMI) and radiofrequency interference (RFI) occurs. If you are seeking a cable that needs to be next to other cables or machines that give off a lot of power, you’ll need to block those signals. The same is true if you’re near a radio tower or electrical substation.

It can transmit double the amount of data, capable bandwidth of 600MHz. Standard Cat6 patch cables can support network speeds of 1-10Gbps, but higher speeds are only supported over a shorter length of cable. With the Cat6a slim patch cable, speeds of 10Gbps are supported through the maximum length of the cable. Additional bandwidth delivers more efficient data transfers, enhancing your network experience. It’s also made from pure copper, enhancing performance and safety over copper clad aluminum cables.

Who Uses This Cable?

If your home or office has little space to work with when it comes to networking, a Slim Cat6a gives you the ability to do more with less. With smaller, flexible cables, you won’t need to worry about saving as much space for your networking needs. Cat6a slim patch cables are high-speed and cost effective if you’re ready for a network upgrade. Those who work in technology and have high-density server rooms would be well-served to use these cables as well.

What Are People Saying About This Cable?

A review on these cables says it all: “Thin cables; amazed at how little space they take up!” This product comes in multiple lengths and various colors. You can see the cable in action in this video.

Ready to Place Your Order?

As you can see, the Cat6a slim patch cable can do so much more than previous versions, is cost-effective, and is an easy upgrade to your network. Head over to our website to place your order now. Shipping from our central location in St. Louis, MO with same-day shipping for orders placed before 5:00 pm CST, ShowMeCables is ready to get your cables to you today.

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