Do you need a reliable, high speed data connection for your home, office, or business? Our Cat6a patch cables are made using 4 twisted pairs of 24 gauge pure copper conductors. They are available in multiple colors as well as either a standard PVC jacket or a shielded jacket to prevent against EMI interference. The cables are made using stranded conductors for maximum flexibility and are pre-terminated with RJ45 connectors and cable boots. Cat6a is capable of bandwidth of 600MHz and prevents alien crosstalk up to 500MHz. They are also able to send Power over Ethernet and are rated for 4 times the current standard of PoE. Cat6a is the next step in ethernet cabling, advancing from the current uses of Cat6. Cat6 can send a 10 gigabit signal between 37-55 meters, while Cat6a can support 10 gigabit ethernet up to 100 meters. Cat6a is backwards compatible with Cat6, Cat5e and Cat5 and will work with any existing networking equipment. Our Cat6a patch cables provide a high speed, flexible, and cost effective solution for your wiring needs. For all of your cable and accessory needs, choose Show Me Cables.