Are you looking for a quick and easy installation or repair for your coax cable? Our BNC Male Compression Connectors will provide a simple solution for your wiring needs. Compression connectors are a single piece, making installation quick and easy without the need for any additional small pieces that can be hard to keep track of. For this installation you will need: A strip tool, coax cable, a compression tool, and the compression connector. Strip back the outer jacket and dielectric using the strip tool. The advantage of using a coax stripper is that it will strip back both the jacket and dielectric at the same time. Fold back the braided shield and insert the connector housing onto the cable jacket. You will need to push firmly and apply pressure to make sure that full contact is made between the center conductor and the center pin. Insert the connector into the compression tool and firmly squeeze in order to make termination. This will compress the connector, securing it to the cable jacket. Congratulations, you have successfully installed the BNC Male Compression connector.