Power cords are the last thing on your mind – until you misplace one or it malfunctions. Then the smooth running of your business is threatened and you wish you had a backup or at least a way to get a quick replacement.

That is where ShowMeCables can help. We recently expanded our line of AC and DC power cords to help you keep your critical functions operating. They are heavy duty and dependable for long life, and we keep them in-stock for same-day shipping. And we carry hundreds of types – not just standard replacement cords but models that can improve your installation, such as:


To make it easy to find the power cord you need, we have divided our vast inventory into the following sections:

Computer Power Cables

Whether you are a home user or running a data center, these are the cables you cannot live without. We have them in many types, lengths and colors. Most adhere to either NEMA or IEC standards, and they conform as well to RoHS, UL, WEEE, REACH and ISO 9001.

Angled Power Cords

Your power cables need to fit your workspace, which in some cases do not allow room for plugs to come straight out of a receptacle. We offer various combinations of left-angle, right angle, upward angle and even rotating right angle form factors to fit your setup.

Standard Power Cords

We offer over two dozen types of standard power cords, and you can get most of them in lengths of 1 to 25 feet and some of them in five colors. Amp/voltage ratings include NEMA 1-15 and 5-15 and IEC ratings from C5 to C20. The wire gauge choices are 10 AWG to 18 AWG.

Locking Power Cords

If you cannot afford for a disconnect to occur, our locking power cords and extension cords are great for high-stress applications where the cord is subject to tension or vibration. They are offered in 10 different amp/voltage ratings and lengths of 1 to 10 feet.

Hospital-Grade Power Cords

One reason these special cords are needed is because hospitals are hard on them. Beds and other medical equipment are often moved without being unplugged, putting strain on the power cords. If a plug’s grounding blade breaks off inside a wall outlet, the resultant electrical shock could be deadly to a patient or medical staff. To ensure safety, hospital-grade power cords have bigger plugs on the end to keep the smaller wires inside the cable farther away from the outside of the cable. See our blog post on this subject.

International Power Cords

We carry almost 100 types of international power cords, and they are available in standard lengths from 6 to 25 feet and custom lengths of whatever you need. Are you planning a business trip? We have cords for the following countries: Argentina, Australia, Brazil, China, Denmark, France, India, Israel, Italy, Japan, Korea, Switzerland and Taiwan.

Splitter Power Cords

Splitter cords reduce cable clutter and make the most out of available power sockets. Our selections allow you to power up to three devices with one socket. Our choices include NEMA 5-15 and IEC C13, C14, C15, C19 and C20. We offer three wire gauges, and lengths of 1 to 10 feet.

DC Power Cords

Not all our cords carry AC. We offer DC power cords from 6 inches to 6 feet and with 20-gauge or 22-gauge wire. There are many connector options: 2.1mm or 2.5mm, one end stripped, and right angle or straight plug. One cord has a female connector that powers up to eight male connectors.

ShowMeCables also has a selection of power strips and USB chargers.

Customer Support

We realize that purchasing the right type of cable for your needs is not always easy. Sometimes, even after you buy, you might have questions. That’s why we offer courteous, U.S.-based customer and technical support at 1-855-958-3212, or contact us here with any questions you might have. All our power cords are in stock and ready for immediate shipment.