TNC connectors (Threaded Neill Concelman) are a 50 ohm coaxial connector. It is a higher performing, threaded version of the more common, BNC connector. It is used for RF communications up to 11 GHz. Due to its construction, with threaded coupling which create a secure connection, it is a great choice when working with microwave frequencies. The TNC connector is available in two varieties – standard polarity and reverse polarity (RP-TNC).

History of RP-TNC Connectors

Reverse polarity TNC connectors were popularized by WiFi manufacturers. They were looking for a way to comply with governmental regulations set forth by the FCC to limit consumers from connecting their own antennas. This regulation has largely been abandoned as the connectors are readily available to the general public. They are still a popular connector type used by WiFi equipment manufacturers.

How to Determine a RP-TNC Connector

There are a few steps to determine if you are dealing with a standard or reverse polarity connector. The first step is to determine the gender of the connector. Gender is determined by the threading of the connector. On a male connector, the threading will be on the inside. On a female connector the threading is on the outside. To think of it a different way, the male fits over the female.

The left connctor has internal threading so it is considered a male TNC connector. The right connector has external threading so it is considered a female TNC connector.

The second step in determining the polarity of a connector is to check the pin. A reverse polarity connector will have the opposite pin of standard connector. A RP-TNC male connector will have a female pin. A RP-TNC female connector will have a male pin.

For more information on determining the gender and polarity of your connector, please see this video.

What is a RP-TNC Male Connector

What is a RP-TNC Female Connector

Applications for RP-TNC

RP-TNC connectors are used in the mobile industry, avionics, wireless base units, consumer wireless products, and military communications. Popular manufacturers such as Belkin use the RP-TNC connector on their routers. Because of the threaded connector, TNC connectors can be used in high vibration areas without risk of disconnection. This also makes them suitable for more extreme environments where moisture or high temperature swings are common. Its tighter connection also allows it to operate at higher frequencies.

Finding the Right TNC Connector or Adapter

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