Belden compression connectors are a premium F type connector used to terminate RG6 cable,

including quad shield, tri-shield and 60% braid shield. They are quad sealed with rubber O-rings to prevent moisture from entering the cable.

The snap and seal design allows them to be assembled more quickly than standard crimp connectors, although a compression tool,

such as the IT-1000 Snap-N-Seal cable prep and terminate tool, is required. For more informationabout how to use these connectors, see the installation video below.


    • Color coded with stamped part number for easy identification
    • Blue sleeve
    • UV resistant
    • Sealed to prevent moisture
    • Approved for DirectTV, Hughes Net, Dish Network
    • 75 Ohm Impedance
    • -30 dB loss at 1 GHz
    • -90 dB RF shielding
    • 40 pound minimum cable retention
    • Brass, cadmium, chrome plating to prevent corrosion (NiTin)
    • 360 compression keeps the connector firmly attached to the cable

SNS1P6 Installation Tutorial

To install the SNS1P6, you first need to prepare the cable. If you are not using the IT-1000 prep tool, then you will need to strip back 1/4″ of the center conductor and an additional 1/4″ of the jacket. If you are using the tool, insert it into the strip hole and rotate the tool several times. Peel back any jacket that is on the cable.

Next push the braid down over the top of the jacket.

Firmly, slide on the connector. Make sure the dialectic is flush with the top of the inner compartment.

Insert the connector and the cable into the compression tool. If using the IT-1000 tool, pull the handle, or if using a generic compression tool, squeeze the handles.

To purchase a Belden SNS1P6 Snap-N-Seal connector, please visit our website.