Are you looking for a quick and easy installation or repair for your coax cable? The Belden IT-1000 compression tool will allow you to strip and terminate your connection, all within a single convenient tool. The compression tool is designed for the Snap N Seal F Type connectors for both RG59, RG6 and RG6 Quad. To begin, install the included backplate. Screw the backplate onto the tool and this will act as as topper when inserting your cable. There is a small button at the end of the tool that you will push which open the blades. Once the blades have been opened, insert the cable and release the button to close down. Simply rotate the tool to strip back the outer jacket and dielectric. Once the cable has been stripped, pull back the braided shield and insert the connector over the jacket. You may need to apply pressure and twist to make sure the connector is properly seated. Once the connector is in place, insert the connector into the indented well. Firmly squeeze the handle to compress the connector and make termination onto the cable. Congratulations, you have successfully installed your compression connector in a matter of moments. For all of your cable and connector needs, choose Show Me Cables