Ethernet is the cornerstone of most modern technology; if a machine sends or receives any data, it is likely using Ethernet. In an office environment, there is nothing wrong with Ethernet using a standard PVC jacket. But industrial environments are a different story. PVC Ethernet is not designed to stand up to oil, chemicals, and other hazardous conditions. Belden’s DataTuff cable is engineered to withstand harsh industrial environments without compromising data transmission.

PVC and plenum jackets not rated for industrial use cannot keep up in those environments. A cold environment can make the jackets hard and brittle, causing the cables to break when bent. Exposure to chemicals can eat away at the plastic and cause them to break down over time. Cables attached to moving machinery will have increased wear-and-tear due to the constant motion. These issues and more can cause non-industrial Ethernet cables to break down quickly.

DataTuff is industrial-grade ethernet cable that is available in numerous Category (Cat5 and Cat6) and environmental ratings including UV resistant, oil resistant, gas resistant, water resistant, and more. For example, Belden 7936A is only rated as UV Resistant whereas Belden 7929A is also Oil Resistant. Before jumping too deep into DataTuff-specific details, know that these cables carry all the same options as PVC Ethernet cables. Some DataTuff cables are solid while others are stranded. They can be shielded or unshielded. The jackets are available in both PVC and Plenum. Basically, all the standard options of an Ethernet cable are available with additional features for industrial use added in on top of that.

You may ask yourself, what kind of facilities use industrial-grade Ethernet?

  • Chemical processing
  • Food processing
  • Drug manufacturing
  • Water treatment
  • Power generation/substations
  • Outdoor infrastructure (bridges, tunnels, traffic lights, security cameras, etc.)

When considering DataTuff cable, ask what environments will require industrial-grade Ethernet cable?

  • What temperatures will the cable be exposed to?
  • In a cold environment, how will the cold affect the bend radius?
  • Will the cable be used on moving machinery?
  • Are there oils or chemicals the cable may be exposed to?
  • How often (if ever) will the cable be exposed to UV radiation (direct sunlight)?
  • Is there a chance the cable could be completely submerged in water?

Essentially, what conditions will this cable face that a normal home/office cable would not have to deal with?

Some risks will be obvious, such as leaving an Ethernet cable outside in a cold environment like Alaska. Other risks may be less obvious, such as machinery potentially putting a lot of weight on top of the cable.

Belden maintains a handy list showing all the different types of DataTuff cables offered. On, you can also find a spec sheet for each cable on their respective product pages under the Specifications tab.

ShowMeCables has a number of DataTuff cables that are available now. We stock a variety of DataTuff cables to keep your network running in a multitude of industrial environments. Each and every type is available in 100’, 250’, 500’, and 1000’ rolls and can also be cut by the foot for any custom length that best suits your setup.

DataTuff industrial Ethernet is available in a few different colors for easy color-coding. Options available with home/office environment Ethernet are also available on DataTuff including Cat5e and Cat6, outdoor and direct burial, solid vs. stranded, shielded vs. unshielded, and more. Many variables are involved when selecting the correct industrial Ethernet cable and no two installation projects will be exactly the same.

Anytime you need assistance finding the right cable or simply a quote for your cabling requirements, you can reach our Sales team directly at 888-519-9505 or Sales@showmecables.comOur experts are happy to help and can have a quote prepared within one business day.