P#Belden 1524AM This is the Belden 1524AM - RG11 Outdoor Coax Cable with Messenger - CCS. The RG11 PVC coaxial cable with messenger is typically used for cable or satellite service that is used in aerial applications. Messengers help support cable during aerial installation by reducing sag and absorbing tension.This is essential for pole to pole, suspension between supports or building to building applications. Due to the thickness and rigidity of RG11, it is most commonly used for the longer runs or backboning premise wiring. As opposed to RG6 which is typically run between components. This RG11 PVC cable features a protective PVC jacket, 60% aluminum braid, 100% aluminum foil shield for maximum EMI rejection, foam dielectric, solid 14 AWG copper clad steel center conductor. It offers great performance, at an attractive price. Available per foot or per spool, you can order the exact amount you need for your project. The Belden 1524AM - RG11 Outdoor Coax Cable with Messenger - CCS is the best solution for your next A/V project. For more information on our products please contact our customer service department at 888 518 9505