Welcome to Show Me Cables. Today we’ll be taking a look at handset cords. Handset cords are not quite as popular or available now that everyone has a cell phone. And finding them in stores can be difficult, if not impossible. That’s where show me cables comes in. We offer handset cords in lengths of 6 FT, 12 FT, 25 FT and 50 FT. What can be confusing about of handset cords is that the lengths are given based on the total length of cord used, which is not the same as the coiled length. The 6 FT cord measures 1 FT coiled. This length is quite short and should only be used when needing a very short distance between your equipment. The 12 FT cord measures 2 FT coiled. This is the most standard for desk use and reaches comfortable from a table or desk. The 25 FT cord measures 4 FT coiled. This is helpful when needing a little extra room to move around while on the phone. And the 50 FT cord measures 8 FT coiled. This cord is quite long and should only be used when needing a lot of distance between equipment. We also offer handset cords in a variety of colors: Flat Black, Gloss Black, Dark Gray, Cisco Gray, Gray, Light Gray, White, Cherry Red, Brown, IT Ash, NT Ash, Off White and Beige. Our handset cords come in either a 1.5 or 4 inch flat leader. The leader is the small uncoiled piece at the end of the cord for plugging into your phone. 1.5 inch is the most common and can be used easily with most standard telephones. The 4 inch is used for phones that have a recessed phone jack or more hard to reach places. Hopefully this has cleared up any confusion you may have had on handset cords. If you’re still having trouble or just have any questions not covered here, feel free to call our customer service department at 888-519-9505. For all of your cable and connector needs, choose Show Me Cables.