Hello, and welcome to Show Me Cables. Today we’ll be taking a look at VGA cables. VGA is a very common video signal found on many computers and projectors. It stands for Video Graphics Array, but does knowing that really tell you anything? I didn’t think so. VGA is a video only signal, meaning no audio. Unfortunately, VGA is slightly outdated due to HDMI, but it is still widely used and provides great signal strength. We carry a variety of VGA cable types including: Premium, Standard, Angled, Low Profile, Panel Mount, and VGA with Audio. Now I know what you’re thinking. VGA doesn’t carry audio. And you’re right. Our VGA with audio cables, however, include a 3.5mm audio cable run alongside the VGA cable. So it is a separate cable carrying the audio channel. Still not sold? Did I mention that we carry cables ranging in size from 3 FT to 150 FT? So whether you need a short cable to connect right from your computer to your monitor or if you have equipment that is a whole lot farther away, Show Me Cables is here to help. Hopefully this has answered any questions you may have had on VGA cables. If you’re still having trouble or have any questions not answered here, you can call our customer service department at 888-519-9505. For all of your cable and connector needs, choose Show Me Cables.