A large office might keep its computer servers in a data center while a smaller one can get by with an IT closet. But there is one thing most offices have in common: Their servers and related IT equipment are installed together in server racks.

Server racks hold not only computer servers but patch panels, network switches, power distribution units and other components related to the servers. They are either floor-mounted on feet or on wheels, or wall-mounted. Server racks are popular because they serve four crucial functions.


ShowMeCables’ server racks have several features for keeping your equipment cool. They have built-in fans to enable thermal management. Doors and side panels are vented for circulation. On most models, top panels are either vented or have dedicated ports for installing fans. Some cabinets have cable-routing features that keep interiors less cluttered to promote air flow. For the best circulation, we offer open-frame racks.


Networking equipment is too expensive to keep on office desktops and shelves, especially in high-traffic areas. Server racks protect components from dust, moisture, foot traffic and theft. Many of our cabinets have steel locks on the sides and doors. Most are made with rugged steel panels over a welded frame. Inside, components can be attached to rack rails with screws, so accidental bumps won’t unplug anything.


If you want to reconfigure cables between your network components, it is easier if everything is in the same server rack. Install a patch panel in your cabinet and your routing possibilities become endless. Another product to give you flexibility is rack space adapters, which enable you to mount a 19-inch-wide device into a 23-inch rack. You get flexibility in small spaces with our pivoting panel-mount rack, which allows you to access the back of the rack simply by swinging the top of the panel forward. Our gangable racks can be expanded by connecting them to one another. There are many accessories to make your server rack even more flexible − from shelves and drawers to cable-routing devices.


When installing computer servers and other networking components, the closer together they are, the better. Closer means shorter cable runs, which improves signal integrity. Closer also makes maintenance easier – shorter cables are easier to re-route, to troubleshoot for problems and to replace.

Of course, the best way to shorten cable runs is to put all your equipment in one cabinet. We make that easy with our floor-mounted rack units, which hold up to 45U and offer up to 42 inches of depth. To help you manage having so many cables in one area, we carry dozens of cable management devices that will make it easier to install and uninstall wires and to perform maintenance.

Keep your equipment cool, secure and flexible with server rack solutions from ShowMeCables. Most of our products are in-stock and available with FREE standard same-day shipping. If you have product questions or need recommendations, contact our U.S.-based team of experts at 1-866-308-2158 or email us.