Bulk Ethernet Cable Combines High Quality With Cost-Effectiveness

You may have heard differently, but it is indeed possible for your organization to have data, voice and video transmission lines that are both robust enough to last a long time AND cost-effective and economical.

The key to having both benefits at once is to buy your Ethernet cable in bulk from ShowMeCables. We offer more than 100 types of bulk cable, which typically come in spools of 1,000 or 500 feet. You can also get shorter rolls of any length down to 1 foot.

Buying in bulk at SMC costs less than ordering shorter Ethernet cable assemblies, but without compromising quality. Here’s how we manage to do both.

How Bulk Cable Will Save You Money

Lower cost per foot. You will save money by buying cable in bulk. For instance, a 500-foot or 1,000-foot roll of Cat5e, Cat6, Cat6a or Cat7 Ethernet cable can cost from 20% to 80% less than when it’s purchased in short segments. Also, with bulk Ethernet cable you can cut it to the exact lengths you need, which means shorter, more efficient connections and less wasted product.

Quicker maintenance. Eliminating the mess of excess cable also makes it easier to install, remove or re-route cords and to troubleshoot wiring problems. Faulty connections are easier to find in a well-ordered installation, which means less time spent on maintenance.

Less downtime. We understand that you cannot afford for your systems to be down. If something needs to be replaced, you need it now, and we can ship bulk Ethernet cable as soon as you order it, with same-day shipping.

How Bulk Cable Will Make Your Network More Robust

Leading brands. Bulk Ethernet cable costs less per foot at ShowMeCables but it is made by the same leading manufacturers who produce our shorter cables – not just our own brand but Belden, CommScope, Mohawk, Berk-Tek and others.

Tailored installations. Our bulk cable will allow you to custom tailor your installation to your precise needs. You will get the exact lengths of the most appropriate types of cable and cable jacket types, whether it is indoor or outdoor, industrial, Ethernet direct burial cable, riser, plenum, LSZH, etc. We make this possible with our wide selection. We offer bulk rolls of Ethernet cable in Cat5e, Cat6, Cat6a, Cat7, Cat8 and 10GX, as well as bulk spools of fiber optic cable, coaxial or low-loss coaxial cable, telephone cable, audio and video cable, multi-conductor computer cable, portable cord, variable-frequency drive cable and high-temperature cable.

Finally, we offer you our live technical support. We realize that purchasing the right type of cable for your needs is not always easy. Sometimes, even after you buy, you might have questions. That’s why we offer courteous, U.S.-based customer and technical support at 1-855-958-3212, or contact us here with any questions you might have.