Do you need to route your cable throughout your home or office? Our pre-terminated 66 wiring block will provide you with a clean and professional solution for your wiring needs. A 66 block will accept an incoming phone or data line from your service provider and allow you to route the connections to wherever they are needed A wiring block will have 4 columns. To understand how the routing will work, let’s take a look at a single row. On this row there are 4 contacts. Contact 1 and 2 are for the incoming line and contacts 3 and 4 are for the outgoing line. Contact 1 is wired directly to Contact 2 and contact 3 is connected directly to contact 4. So the question is, how do we make them talk to each other? For this example, we’ll do a simple 1 pair connection. You will take the incoming line and punch down into contact 1. You will then take your outgoing line and punch down into contact 4 in the same color code. Now both our incoming line and outgoing line are connected, now we just need to connect them to each other. If both lines are wired directly across from each other, you can simply use a bridging clip to pair the connection from contact 2 to contact 3. If your incoming and outgoing lines do not match or if you just need to change your wiring setup over time, you can use cross connect wire to punch down from contact 2 of your incoming line to contact 3 of the outgoing. The pre-terminated block has the incoming and outgoing lines already punched down. It has a Male and Female Telco connection to allow you to use a Telco cables to connect from the service line into the block, then from the block into your premise wiring to save time. You will simply need to use bridge clips and cross connect wire as needed. Our 66 wiring block is made with a durable and high impact, flame retardant material. It is rated for and exceeds Cat5e standards and accepts between 22-26 gauge wire. It includes the wall mount bracket and cover for easy installation. For all of your cable and accessory needs, choose Show Me Cables.