The 6 port desktop USB charger is a device that is capable of charging six devices at one time. It’s great for the home or office, frees you from the wall, and eliminates the problem of finding a wall-charger. With 2.4 amps available in each port, our desktop USB charger has the power to charge phones, tablets, portable gaming devices, and more. Most computers come with a limited number of USB ports and can be difficult to get to. But our desktop charger provides 6 convenient and easy to access charging ports. Its heavy duty brushed aluminum casing and small size allows it to be used virtually anywhere: from the home, to the office, or even the nightstand. When using other USB chargers, you are confined to placing your device near the wall. This makes it hard to use the device and charge it at the same time. However, with our USB charging station, the extra-long power cord allows you to be free from the wall outlet. There is nothing more troublesome than trying to find wall-chargers for different devices. But our charger has 6 USB ports ready to charge so you don’t need to find a wall-plug for each one. Have you ever tried to plug in your charger at night? It can be nearly impossible to locate the USB port and then find the right orientation. Our desktop charger includes LED lights above the ports. They not only signal available power but also aid plugging in devices in the dark. The angled face also allows for easy access to plug in. Overall, our 6 Port USB Desktop Charger is an excellent solution for your charging needs. It can be used at home or office and doesn’t confine you to the wall. The charger negates the need for several wall-chargers and it lights up for easy access. For all of your cable and accessory needs, choose ShowMeCables.