5 Things to Consider When Purchasing Power Cords


When purchasing power cables, knowing what qualities to look out for will help you save time, money, and stress.

1. Plug & Form Factor

Identifying which power cords you need can be confusing. There are dozens of different NEMA & IEC jacks and plugs. The problem is even more compounded when you add-in international plugs. We have created this helpful chart to help you identify which power cord you need.

Another consideration beyond fit is the orientation of the plug. Space-saving right, left, up, or down angled plugs can help you minimize space, promote proper airflow, and prevent accidental disconnects.


2. Length: Longer is Not Better

After deciding which plug or jack (inlet or outlet) you need, you need to decide on the length. This is especially true for data center applications. Excess cord leads causes restriction of airflow, causing cooling systems to work harder. It also takes more energy to push electricity over longer cables. If you have hundreds or thousands of power cords, that adds up to a lot of extra dollars spent on increased electrical costs. Finally, longer cords are harder to manage and troubleshoot. So when picking a power cord, smaller is always better.


3. Gauge and Amperage: Efficiency & Safety Considerations

The amperage rating of a cable is directly tied to the gauge or thickness of the inner conductors. Larger gauge cable carries electricity more efficiently and can handle a higher load. It is crucial to buy a cable that is rated properly. If you run a 15 amp load through a 10 amp cable, the results will be disastrous and you risk equipment damage or even a fire.


4. Color: Unlock the Power of Color Coding

Colored Power Cords
Different color power cords can help you devise a system to manage your equipment. Our customers have leveraged our color offerings in different ways, here are a few examples:

  • Color code different types of hardware in the rack. All firewalls can use a red power cord and all servers can be red. This helps easy identification and troubleshooting.
  • Color code main equipment one color and backup equipment another. This can help with maintenance and help ensure you don’t take the wrong machine offline for maintenance.
  • Setup power cord installation kits with color-coding to standardize the setup in multiple locations throughout the country.


5. Quality You Can Trust

The average cost of a data center outage is $730,000.  Don’t let the power cords be the culprit.  Our power cords go through rigorous testing and certification processes to make sure they are reliable for years to come.
With over 300 power cord varieties in-stock, our high quality, top-rated power cords are built to last and are designed to serve an abundance of industries. We also feature DC surge protectors for data centers. We offer same-day shipping, the ability to speak and order with a cabling expert, and hassle-free returns. Experience why we are the premium solution for all your power cord needs.
If you have further questions or need help finding the right power solution for your network, please feel free to call our inside sales team at 1-833-519-0294.