With the popularity of wireless computer connectivity, it’s easy to forget about the advantages that Ethernet-wired networks provide. In the IT world, wired connectivity is still king for most organizations worldwide. Here are five reasons why:

More Secure

As long as firewalls and other security measures protect your wired network, it is safer from unauthorized access than wireless networks are. Your business’s wired network is completely contained, accessible only by connecting a cable to the network from inside your building. Wi-Fi signals are broadcast outside of the building, leaving them potentially open to hackers.

More Reliable

A wired signal is rarely influenced by another wired signal. But with two wireless networks located in promixity, the chances are higher for losing your connection or experiencing latency delays. Also, signal strength is more consistent with wired. Mobile workers who change locations find that their wireless signal strength can vary. Even something like a wall or a large object can affect their signal.


If you’ve ever transferred large files from one computer to another, you know that it’s usually faster over wired Ethernet than Wi-Fi. Though wireless has gotten faster in recent years, the speed can be inconsistent, and it is still slower than most wired connections. With gigabit routers, wired Ethernet can get up to 1 Gb/s with Cat5e cable and up to 10 Gb/s with Cat6. The speed doesn’t lag with unexpected or unauthorized traffic, since users must connect using an Ethernet cable.

More Control

An organization’s network administrator has more control over user access with a wired system. That makes it easier to ensure that each device has undergone security protocols and is less likely to introduce malware.


Ethernet hardware − cables, switches, routers, etc. – has been around for decades, is widely available and is relatively cost-effective to purchase and install. Also, the hardware has a long lifespan before upgrades are needed.

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