The 3 Outlet Wall Tap/USB Charger is a great supplement to your charging needs. Perfect for home or office, the wall tap will transform one outlet into three power outlets as well as two USB charging ports. The power outlets are rated for 1875 Watts and offers 600J of surge protection to protect against voltage spikes. The USB ports are capable of 1 amp each per port to easily charge your smartphones and tablets. The wall tap features child safety locks on the electrical outlets for added safety and security. The safety locks will slide over and cover the necessary electrical outlet to prevent insertion or tampering. The wall tap also features an LED indicator to confirm that surge protection is active. Most computers come with a limited number of USB ports and can be difficult to get to. But our wall charger provides 2 convenient and easy to access charging ports for your USB devices. There is nothing more troublesome than trying to find wall-chargers for different devices. But our charger has 2 USB ports ready to charge so you don’t need to find a wall-plug for each one while adding additional power outlets. It can be frustrating when you need to charge your devices and all the outlets are being used. This chargers is a versatile, compact solution that frees up room on the outlet and allows for multiple power sources to be charged at the same time. For all of your cable and accessory needs, choose ShowMeCables.