Do you have a DIY project or repair that you need to make? Our 3.5mm terminal block connector will provide an inexpensive solution for creating a stereo channel audio cable. Our 3.5mm Stereo Female terminal block connectors will provide a quick and easy solution for sending your audio signal, perfect for repairing a connection for your car stereo as well as many other uses. The connector is made using a sturdy metal construction with plastic housing. A threaded nut to lock your connector into place. And 3 screw terminals for making connection to your cable. A stereo signal is a dual audio channel, meaning that it will take the sound from the source and send it to your device in two separate channels. This will allow you to send the signal to send the audio to two speakers and create directionality. For example, both the left and right ear for standard headphones. Stereo plugs can be identified by two plastic rings around the connector. All you will need for this installation will be a wire stripper and a small flat head screwdriver. Strip back the cable jacket and identify each wire. The ??? is the audio channel and the ??? is the ground. The ??? on the connector is for your audio channel and the ??? is for the ground wire. Insert the corresponding wires into the openings of the terminal block. Then, using your screwdriver, screw down each terminal to make contact with the wires. Unscrew the nut of the connector and insert through your install area. Screw the nut back onto the connector to lock it into place. Now you can continue to send your stereo signal, without having to replace your audio equipment. For all of your cable and connector needs, choose Show Me Cables