Do you have a DIY project or repair that you need to make? Our 3.5mm stereo connector will provide an inexpensive solution for creating a dual channel audio cable. A stereo connector can be identified by the two black plastic bands near the tip of the cable. 3.5mm refers to the diameter of the plug. It is the most common size plug for small electronic devices such as headphones. This connector contains an all metal plug and soldering points. The plastic shell and strain relief protect the solder points on the connector. To install the connector, you will need: A soldering iron, solder, a wire stripper and cable. Since this is a stereo connector, our cable will need two center conductors and a shield. Unscrew the strain relief and slide it onto the audio cable. Using a cable stripper, strip back the cable jacket. Twist the shield together. Strip the jacket around the center conductor. Tin the center conductor and shield by adding solder to the ends of each wire. Tinning helps makes a more lasting and professional bond. Take the connector and with a vice or helping hands, tin the solder points on the connector. The sleeve is the longest piece of metal, coming out of the back of the connector. If you are unsure of which solder point corresponds to the tip or sleeve, you can use a multimeter to check continuity. Solder the tinned shield to the sleeve and the center conductor to the tip. Using pliers, pinch the strain relief onto the outside jacket. Slide up the strain relief and tighten onto the connector. Congratulations, you have successfully soldered the 3.5mm connector. And if you need a 3.5mm to 1/4 adapter check out what we have to offer. For all of your cable and connector needs, choose Show Me Cables.