Hi, I’m Kyle from ShowMeCables. ShowMeCables is a distributor of ECore Cables DuroRacks. ECore DuroRacks are an entire product family of racks, enclosures and accessories. The ECore DuroRacks provide maximum features without maximizing your budget. This is the ECore 2 Space Double Sided Vented Rackshelf. Perfect for supporting larger and heavier equipment for your data rack. If you need an economical and easy way to organize your data equipment; our double sided Rackshelf will provide you with plenty of room for your project It features a fully ventilated bottom panel for optimal heat dissipation. The rackshelf is 18 inches deep and can hold up to 90 lbs. It has a standard 19 inch width that can be used with distribution racks and cabinets with 3 inch deep side rails Our easy to install, center mounted shelf, includes standard 10-32 rack screws and washers to mount onto your rack. Save space and time by using our 2 RU double sided vented rackshelf and install in minutes. For all of your racks, enclosures and accessories, choose Show Me Cables.